Our Cupcakes:

Kimmy's Cupcakes are made with the freshest ingredients. We take pride in our totally unique recipe for both our cupcakes, frosting and designs. Many bakeries buy commercial-made frosting and try to pass it off as their own special recipe, but Kimmy's Cupcakes makes it fresh, right in front of you, so you can see for yourself.


Our cupcake and frosting recipes have been perfected into mouth-watering varieties. After many, many trials, we have hand selected the best combination of ingredients that make the best cupcakes you have ever tasted!


Kimmy's Cupcakes are NOT JUST ANY CUPCAKE, but a whole new take on cupcakes. I doubt that you have seen anything that compares to our cupcake creations. Kimmy's Cupcakes has totally unique designs and flavors, which will awaken your sleepiest tastebuds!


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Novelty Cupcakes: ($4.00* each)

Ice Cream Sandwich- chocolate cake, chocolate frosting

Waffle Bowl Sundae- vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream frosting

Ice Cream Cone- chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream frosting

Cheeseburger- vanilla cake, chocolate cupcake, vanilla frosting

Hotdog- vanilla cake, chocolate frosting

Popcorn- red velvet cake, buttercream frosting

Specialty Cupcakes: ($3.50* each)

52 Strawberry Shortcake- strawberry cake, cream cheese frosting

Banana Supreme - banana cupcake, cream cheese frosting

Banana Split - chocolate banana cake, cherry frosting

Black Forest- chocolate cake, chocolate frosting with cherries

Cherry Coke - chocolate cupcake with can of cherry pie filling, vanilla frosting with coke

Choconut- chocolate cake, vanilla frosting with coconut

Coconut- vanilla cake, vanilla frosting with coconut

Cookies-and-Cream- chocolate cake, vanilla frosting with Oreo crumbles

German Chocolate- chocolate cake with chopped pecans, vanilla frosting with coconut and caramel

Honey Banana- vanilla cake with banana, honey cream cheese frosting

Lemon Cheesecake- lemon cake, cream cheese frosting

Mint Chocolate- chocolate cake, vanilla frosting with mint

Mint Cookies & Cream- chocolate cake with mint, vanilla frosting with Oreo crumbles

Movie Candy- vanilla cupcake with M&Ms, chocolate frosting- caramel in middle

Peanut Butter Cup- chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting

Peppermint Twist- chocolate cupcake, vanilla frosting with peppermint

Raspberry Cheesecake- raspberry cake, cream cheese frosting

Red Velvet- red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting

Strawberry Butterfly - chocolate cake, strawberry frosting

Strawberry Lemonade - vanilla cake w/strawberry, vanilla frosting w/lemon

Sweetheart Cherry- almond cake, vanilla frosting with maraschino cherries

Vanilla Pearl - vanilla cake, vanilla frosting

Classic Cupcakes: ($3.00* each)

Black and White- chocolate cake, vanilla frosting

Vanilla Sky- vanilla cake, vanilla frosting

DEATH by Chocolate- chocolate cake, chocolate frosting

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"Kimmy's Cupcakes, yummy and delicious. Mmm Mmm Mmm!"


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